Welcome to the HFA Training Workshop on Rehabilitation and Long Term Management of Heart Failure Patients

Heart failure is the single most important cause of hospitalisation and one of the leading causes of mortality. Its burden on clinical medicine is expected to rise exponentially in the next few years. Secondary prevention and cardiac rehabilitation accompanying Guidelines recommended medical treatment are the cornerstones of management, but a majority of heart failure patients do not achieve best standards, predisposing them to progression of the disease, recurrent events, and re-hospitalisations. Personalised programmes have the potential to instill a healthier lifestyle, increase risk factor control and adherence to cardio-protective medication. However, in most European countries, less than 50% of heart failure patients attend these programmes. There is a clear need to improve the situation by increasing the number of modern preventive cardiology programmes, facilitating the access to these programmes, and tailoring these programmes to the patients' requirements. Moreover, the fixed-term and often centre-based programmes have to move towards concepts for long-term management of heart failure patients.